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Sea trouts of the fall-season

Nicklas Sorensen of Danske Fiskeeventyr has made this nice video of his fall-season here at Fyn. Follow him in the sun, rain, while wading and from off kayak, as the native sea trout seem to be here, there, nowhere and everywhere. Enjoy.

Sea Trout Fyn – “Heaven on Helnaes“

This neat little film beautifully sums up what exactly it is, that we do here at Sea Trout Fyn. Enjoy


Sea Trout Battle on Fyn (I-IV)

Thomas Hansen and Claus Eriksen known from the movies „Sea Trout Secrets“, are this spring challenging each other in a fierce Sea Trout Battle on the isles of Fyn.

Along with their fishing companions, they search for the highest number and the largest sea trout of the competition, which is spend over four intense days of fishing.

4th Episode:

3rd Episode:

2nd Episode:

1st Episode:


The Sea Trout Battle will be published in four episodes over November, December, January and Frebruary.